Once Opened Picture

My entry for Helpful Bear Productions' Creature Design Contest

The inspiration behind this is Greek Mythology, where it talks about Pandora's box. You always see these pictures of Pandora opening or trying to close a regular box, but I wanted to do something different, and so I came up with the concept that "What if Pandora was the box."

I thought this concept would really work well with the Kaiju contest, being as the definition of Kaiju is "Strange creature" and in classic Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth, in a sense a strange new creature. Now we have the "opening of pandora's box" which was when all the evil inside escaped, excluding hope, so I choose to illustrate a few of those evils in my own way.

Starting from the top left to right:
rhinopharyngitis (common cold)- represents sickness.
Hatred: I figured hatred would have been one of the first evils to fly out of the box, so you have a glimps of it going off into the world.

Suffering- When I thought of a way to illustrate suffering my mind went to a scorpions sting causing the victims to go through so much pain before killing them.
Hand of War- Something so large pushing itself up to go spread chaos.
Death- and finally right beside Pandora death is beginning to take form, as all the other evils are already out.

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