Cerberus - Comp Picture

Figured I'd start this new gallery by re-uploading some of my favorite pieces from my old gallery.

Original description:
I may put this in the scraps section later.
Comp for my final rendering project. We have to draw a portrait of a mythological creature and incorperate a bunch of imagerey into it, preferably with some sort of theme. I chose ceberus as my creature, and being that he's the guardian of the underworld, I picked a bunch of death/underworld imagery for the theme. Much referencing of Dore's etchings of Dante's Divine Comedy to get ideas.

The final will be done on black scratchboard with stippling. It may kill me.

Two questions that appeared frequently in the comments which I wanted to address:
1-The piece was done in mechanical pencil on two layers of tracing paper. The bottom layer had the initial line drawing, the top had tone. I just scanned them both in on top of eachother.
2-I'm thoroughly astounded/pleased at the reaction this piece has received. I never expected to see it on the front page! So, I'm going to leave it in my main gallery instead of putting it in scraps, even after I upload the final. Thank you all for the postive feedback! I'm happy to say my teacher was pleased with it as well.

Edit2: I have received a LOT of requests from people to use this image as a tattoo. I appreciate the interest but due to the number of requests I've received I'm afraid I can't just hand out the rights to this image left and right. I'm in negotiations with a tattoo artist to purchase a license of this image for one-time use. If you are interested in using this image for a tattoo, please email me and we can discuss a licensing fee.

If you want to buy a print of this piece please go to the original: [link]
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