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COMMENT EDIT/2011: The anatomy is quite off, this is an older picture and I have no plans to redraw it.

Lieto Lemminkäinen enjoying the last warm day of the autumn.

Been trying to learn Painter IX in the past month or so; this is done with an entirely new joint technique (PSP9-Painter IX.5-OC3). Took effing long too. x|

Lolwhutisgoingon? Continues the same Jotun/Kalevanpojat myth series I've been annoying people with lately. Lieto Lemminkäinen (or, if you want to call him with one of his umpteen bynames: Liekkiö, Logi, Útgarða-Loki, Lempo, Lemmes...) is the most prominent figure in the Finnish mythology besides Väinämöinen and Ilmarinen. In the Kalevala he is presented as 'human-sized' and not a Finnish king, but it is well known that Lönnrot much adapted and rewrote the mythology material he collected.

Elsewise the myths tell the following:
Lemminkäinen was one of the twelve sons of Kaleva, king of the (Finnish) giants. A hot-headed warrior, he famed in both magic- and swordwielding, and was most notorious for his endless itchiness in the nether regions. In some of the randier rune verses he f.ex. seduces 100 virgins during a single night. In the Norse sources he is mentioned as either the king of Útgarð or Hálogaland whilst Ganander writes he might've lived in Häme (Tavastland). This figure is the original Finno-Scandian god of fire, with whom the normal Loki is messed up.

Lemminkäinen is supposed to be 'extremely handsome', but it's a bit difficult indeed to make him correspond to any of the netculture's bishie ideals while at the same time keeping in mind that he's a giant (in my head maybe 10-12ft tall) and a proper man.
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