engkanto encounter Picture

My entry for CGhub's Natives of the Lifeless Forest Challenge. [link]

Didn't really plan on submitting this at the end of the contest coz I got bored with it coz everyone else's entries looked cooler than mine xD To my surprise the submission system for the contest was still up and running 15 days after the deadline. So I finished it up this morning. Figured I started painting it, might as well... It turned out a little better than expected.

Ere's my write up:

Engkantos are forest spirits in Philippine Mythology. They have the ability to appear in human form if they wish to mingle and mess around with humans. Some of them are evil and they sometimes confuse people in the path they are taking around the forest and lead them to fall off cliffs (They can appear as someone you know). Some of them are simply mischievous and will usually misplace your things around to make fun of you and confuse you.

In the case of the challenge, the forest they live in is dead. They have lost their powers and have no choice but to appear in their true form to confront the father who is camping and resting in his journey with his sons... I've always imagined the true form of these "Engkantos" as glowing monkeys coz of stories of their mischievous behavior ever since I was a child.

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