Hakumen Kinmon Kyuubi Picture

Ink and markers!!!!

Hakumen Kinmon Kyuubi is a legendary figure in Japanese mythology. Story tells it was a nine-tailed fox that possessed a courtesan under the Japanese Emperor (Heian Era) . She was said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan. She was not only beautiful, but she was infinitely knowledgeable in all subjects. Although she appeared to be only twenty years old, there was no question that she could not answer. She answered every question posed to her, whether about music, religion or astronomy. Because of her beauty and intelligence, everyone in the Imperial Court adored her, and the Emperor fell deeply in love with her.

After some time had passed, the Emperor suddenly and mysteriously fell ill. He went to many priests and fortune-tellers for answers, but they had none to offer. Finally, an astrologer told the Emperor that his wife was the cause of his illness. The astrologer explained that the beautiful young woman was in fact a kind of evil nine-tailed fox.

Following this, the woman disappeared from the court and they would sicovered she did the same thing to kings in China and India. They hunted her down and killed her. They splited her body in three pieces that have turned in three stones (Sessho-seki, or "Killing stone"). It is said that the stone kills anyone who comes into contact with it due the poison gas it expels.
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