Commission: Amaterasu Picture

This is another big one if you download it, keep that in mind.

I'm sure a large portion of the people looking at this can figure it out on their own; but the commission in this case was a wolf-girl incarnation of Amaterasu integrating the characteristics of the character from the game Okami. While I have not played the game (for shame, I know), I have a working understanding of mythology which means I already had a pretty strong mental concept for a personality for the actual shinto goddess herself. really the challenge was trying to keep the visual cues from the game that needed to be integrated into the picture. Ultimately it wound up being closer to fan-art of the game than a personal take on Amaterasu, but I still like the end result.

Because I didn't want to stray too far from the material of the game; I intended to try and make the image look as close to traditional medium as possible (in this case water colors and inks). I don't think I managed to get the idea of brush strokes as well as I wanted, and using analog inks (it's been AGES sense I inked non-digitally) wound up being sloppier than I would of liked, but it kind of enhances the design I was going for.

I'm actually going to make this one available for print just for giggles. And no, I am not going to mark it as mature, grow up.
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