Aldara and Orion Picture

Anybody else really love that Disney movie, Hercules? I so so SO loved it. So I decided to make this, as close to that Disney style as possible. . . which is really not all that close.

Aldara is Hercules and Meg's daughter. Orion is the grandson of Apollo. Orion's mother is the daughter of Apollo.

Ever notice how in Greek mythology, the Gods and Goddesses only have males for demi-god children? I almost followed the tradition, but figured I would go in another direction. Seriously though, try to name one, just ONE, female demi-god.

. . . . Give up?

And yes, they're lovers and all that good stuff. Although first they just. . . ya know. . . met and figured they could fight together. First Aldara finds Orion in a bit of trouble and helps him out. Then he returns the favor. Then they become a team. Orion falls in love first, cause it annoys me how women 'always' fall in love first.

Aldara's weapon is going to be changed in the near future, from that little run-of-the-mill sword to a bladed staff. Once I get the right inspiration and all that.

Note: I really like Aldara's hair and Orion's eyes.

Drawn in pencil, then pen, colored digitally. (c) Me.

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