Andromeda - Concept Art Picture

Forty years after the death of Ulario, the defeat of the dark god, and the fall of the verin empire, The Theran species have earned their rightful place among the stars with the Azura't'oris Alliance.

For over a decade, Andromeda served as a royal guard to the first Theran Senator, but when Risight Mur, the head of the guard betrays the alliance and orders the murder of the Senator.

Loyal to the last, Andromeda refuses to carry out these orders. Risight frames her for the senator's attempted murder and she is labeled a traitor to Thera and the alliance.

Outcasted from the very alliance she swore to protect, Andromeda must find her place in the Azura't'oris universe.


I've been doing some work on the "next generation" part of the Azura't'oris universe, obviously. And for that, I needed a hero for that part of the timeline... an alternate fursona if you will.

Andromeda (Andy for short) is a Theran Gryphon. She is isn't even born until around 10 years after Ulario's death. She is a warrior, still loyal to the alliance that turned it's back on her.

Meh. I wanted to give her a more original name for her... but I couldn't get "Andromeda" out of my head. She is named for the galaxy rather then the figure from Greek Mythology so it fit her very well. Much more then an original name could I think.

I spent a lot of time designing the physical appearance of this character so no stealies! Keep your sticky fingers to yourselves, please.

I hope to have a character sheet for her eventually. I'm busy with commissions ATM, but since I am planning on using her as an alternate fursona, she will have one.

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