Minimalist: The X-Files A Picture

It's been too long. I had to have something about The X-Files on here. So I figured one of those minimalist posters was the way to go, to get it out of the way fast. I did 2 of these, different approaches on the same idea.

The idea behind this was to do a minimalist take on the show, but not use UFOs, aliens, an "X" or Mulder and Scully. Ultimately I went for what was the core of the mythology years, and was heavily featured in the first movie: the black oil and the bees. Something I think is very unique to the X-Files (even if inspired in part by Quartermass and the Pit). Of course I failed myself in the end and added a masking tape "X" in the end as a nod to when Mulder needed to contact mister "X".

The X-Files was and still is my favorite tv show ever. At it's peak (seasons 2 through 5) it was some of the best television ever done. I've tried watching other tv shows since X-Files went off the air, and I think some of them might even be better, but none of them have captured my interest like this show did.

Except the seventh season, final season, which were mostly bad and the awful second movie.
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