Gio ID - Fox version Picture

UPDATE in 04-24-2007: As I'm a target to art thiefs, I'm changing the file for one with a smaller size and a larger watermark.
Doing this, I know visitors can't see the details, but is to try to prevent problems.

ME! Hehe, I was working in this piece for a long time, taking breaks in the official work and my trades and fanarts! Finally is done!
Me in my fox version and with my cats!
Since my childhood I have a love for animals, specialy for foxes, then my friends given me the nick of "Red Fox". It's the reason for my fox ears, tails and legs.
The cat on the computer's monitor is my siamese Shiva... a sweetheart, but when furious becames the God of Destrution! >D LOL. And YES... Shiva really sleeps in my monitor while I'm working! >< ()
The "siamese-with-white-marks" cat is Aghape! A lovely friend! But sometimes look at you with this "I hate the world" face hehehehehe!
Shiva is a Hindu God, and Aghape is a Greek God. I used to put mythological names in my pets, because I love myths! The fat-gray-white cat is Zeze. It's a really BIG cat!!! The happy one! Always happy, jumping and playing with everything!!!!
And in the top right is Guilherme... my brother's persian cat. It's a PEST!!!! Climbing my books and pushing everything in the floor! ><()
And there's a fish in the picture because... I love aquariums... and for now I have about 1 hundred guppies in my apartment! Yes! I really have this Inuyasha and Youko figures... the Inu was bought some years ago, it's a japanese figure, and is gorgeous! ^_^ The youko was made to me for my friend Washu M ([link]) and it's REALLY WELL DONE!!! ^_^
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