The Hound of Death Picture

Stippling again. At least 20 hours.

The Hound of Death.

Cerberus, guardian of the gates of the Spirit World. Known and feared as a beast of legend that appears from a misty doorway between worlds to drag unfortunates back into the netherworld with him. On foggy nights on Tymaera parents warn their children to behave or Cerberus will come and get them but those who know more about the Hound than common folklore tells know better than to take the name of Cerberus lightly...

Few possess the forbidden tomes needed to research the subject, but those who do have learned that this beast is the father of the Morvarg (Death Hounds), and consequently all lycanthropes. During the Age of Dust when Cerberus freely roamed the mortal world, it was the bite of his offspring that created the first dire werewolves and these progeny went on to infect others creating normal lycanthropes (i.e. living ones). Like his 'children', Cerberus is vulnerable to silver but it will only weaken him for, like the other true dead (denizens of the netherworld that have never lived but were created undead, aka 'deathless'), he cannot be destroyed.

(if other folk can bastardise figures from classical mythology, why they heck can't I?!)
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