Enlil - The God of Weather. Picture

Enlil is one of the most powerful God I ever met in mythology.
Since the first time I read of him I felt his figure like somewhat beyond good or evil energy, someone above the other creatures as well as gods.
He has the knowledge, has the power and is not a father, he is the essence of the strenght - not brute neither mind but 'pure force' - he is someone far away from everything we know.
When I read of him into the Epic of Gilgamesh I got the same thoughts and it is hard to explain but in few words I only can say that 'Enlil is'.

PS: That's always my modest opinion forged by my personal imagination so I don't pretend to be historical or mythologically correct!

I'm still thinking I can do better with this work but I wanted to submit it!
Hope you like it!
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