Discord- PROBLEM? Picture

I think this is the first time I've done a (true) vector for myself in years. All my other recent vectors have been commissions, and before that, were done in Photoshop... >.>

I am still not satisfied with this troll face but this is like my third try; it was like "watch him get progressively off model and add 20% more squash and stretch (but mostly squash.") I suppose I could've gone further, but between school and finishing the poni rave pic, I didn't have time.

YES SWIRLS AT THE CORNERS OF HIS MOUTH. My regular art is a weird combo of Disney, Don Bluth, and Chuck Jones. So we have a Grinch grin going on. I THOUGHT IT FIT, OK?

And all I gotta say on this character: I love awkward hybrids and I love Trickster figures. (One of my personal characters is a Coyote/Raven hybrid gryphon, based off the mythological figures.) SO OF COURSE I LOVE HIM.

ETA: Okay I guess I need to be specific when I say these things. Feel free to use this for the Normal Vector fare, such as icons, forum avatars, group banners, whatever. Just Normal Internet Stuff.

On the other hand, please refrain from using this for possible commercial use, which includes submission into official contests looking for fan designs. I would think such a thing is a no-brainer, but apparently not.

If in doubt, ask me. I don't bite.

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