Halloween 2014 - Cerberus Chimera AUCTION - CLOSED Picture

The image is a bit blurry until you zoom in; Winner receives full rights to the design as well the full sized image.
Credits to the awesome font, Amputa Bangiz by Quiccs! (Body text is just in Verdana lol XD)

So then! This year's Halloween character auction is.. A Ceberus-like fella with Chimera characteristics (of sorts!)

I'm quite fond of him and not to willing to let go but alas, too many characters already. Plus I promised an adopt XD! So here he is~

Edit: Also I have to add, I had no idea Hades had three judges according to mythology XD By coincidence I figured the three heads of Cerberus would play a neat role into "judging" but the situation is quite ironic
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