OC - Ludin Picture

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my first picture, my first attempt of uploading my OWN original characters! We should name up this day after this event!

Anyway, this here is Ludin, an einherjar! And for those who don't know what an einherjar is, they are fallen warriors from Norse mythology who serve the aesir gods in Aasgard~ Out of my characters this guy will likely be the shortest one~
Now I may sound a bit confident but I'm really not, I'm actually really nervous. I hope this isn't the start of a long line of catastrophees. Oh well, you guys be nice to him while I try to recover my confidence, and eventually I'll be able to upload some more pictures~

- - -

Ludin was a human boy who grew up in the fifth realm Midgard, just like a large majority of humans. Although the parts he grew up in was harsh environment with the sea being the greatest food source, he had a cheerful childhood as he had a caring guardian figure to watch over him.
This childhood would eventually meet an end however. Waring between viking clans were threatening around, and his parental figure would soon have to leave for battle.

Ludin was not left in sorrow however, as he had been taught properly of the world before he was left alone. At such, he decided that as soon he was old enough he would enter the first war available, in hoping to meet an honourable death and meet this special person in the after-life, in Valhal.

To his disappointment however, he became one of the 50% of the einherjars chosen by the goddess Freya to live in her home, Folkvangr instead.
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