Minority Princesses scrap Picture

Working on a new Disinfranchised, Under-Reresented Minorities Princesses comic. Here's now the full spread of Minorities Princesses. Yes, Meg is a princess, they don't mention it in the movie but she is based on a mythological figure who is the daughter of a king. Yes, Eilonwy is a subjegated minority, she's Welsh. That's what she's yelling about there. ... Yes, Pocahontas is on a cell phone... nevermind that. And Kuzco? Seriously, what would you call him *but* a princess?

Oh hey, I've been getting a lot of favorites on this recently and I got a request to put it in a group gallery and I was like "what? this is a scrap, why aren't they trying to put the actual comic in?" and then I realized that I didn't have them linked on here. Oops. So anyway, here's the links:

MP 2005 1: [link]
MP 2005 2: [link]
MP 2007 1: [link]
MP 2007 2: [link]
MP 2007 3: [link]
MP 2007 4: [link]
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