TFP - Centrifuge sketches Picture

More sketches of a TFP character of mine that has so far only appeared in doodle-dumps. He has a name now, and his name is Centrifuge. Long story short I got myself a Beast Hunters Shockwave figure and I saw a face in some of the armor he came with. And Centrifuge happened.

He's a big giant Predacon that doesn't resemble any sort of Earth creature in particular, real or mythological, and in that sense he probably wasn't ever on Earth at any point. Only a small handful of Predacons were cloned and sent to Earth so I'm of the notion that there are way more types out there and as they are giant robot aliens, there isn't a reason in my mind that there wouldn't be some weirder ones out there.

Though I guess the having multiple eyes even in his humanoid alt-form [which has yet to be designed past his eye configuration] would qualify as strange even for a giant robot alien when the vast majority of humanoid Cybertronians have the typical two optics.

And in the lower left we have a tiny, doodle-y Siphon trying to skirt around an angry attacking Centrifuge, for size reference.

This is not intended as a finished reference sheet, either. Just some sketches of me figuring out what he looks like.

Centrifuge is mine,
Predacons and TFP are Hasbro's.
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