Lady And The Unicorn Picture

Scanner! It lives! So here is my figure drawing final project. The idea of the project was to do an art piece in the style of a master. Most people chose a lot of more abstract painters but I chose to go with Albrecht Dürer who was famous for his woodcuts and engravings of mythological/biblical pieces as well as real life every-day scenes... I went with the tale of the Virgin and the Unicorn to use my ability with creatures because essentially the requirement was that it had to have a person portrayed in it. Figured that worked well enough.

So yeah, my rendition with a signature similar to Dürer's on that stone in the corner.

It's micron pens on bristol 11"x14"

I'd like to do more pen work in the future. This one was fun... but those leaves were the death of me to draw in pencil... once I was shading it was more interesting.
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