Lendas: Lady of Water Picture

"Come here, my cute fish..."

Although Iara is not my creation, I still put this in OC category because it is my interpretation and original design of Iara...^__^

Iara, figure from Brazilian mythology on ancient Tupi and Gurarani mythology. She is seen as either a water nymph or mermaid depending upon the context of the story told about her. The Brazilian town of Nova Olinda claims the Cama da Mãe D’água as the home of Iara. Do you want to know more about her soo [Link]

The fish that I drew, I don't remember what kind it was. Anyway, they exist in Amazonriver...>w<

I feel bad for Kuandú now...
looks like his picture was too grayish compared to this one~

btw, here is a other version of Iara....
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