solar Picture

once upon a time, I tried to come up with some mythology regarding my lampheads. I remember delving into it, but the only thing I can really recall is that I created this figure here. this image itself is actually a little old; I just decided to upload it because I hadn't yet and I meant to - but there are all kinds of inconsistencies I'm not so happy with here.

I don't remember what I named her, only that she was the first lamphead, was also the sun figure [her face light being the sun itself and her glass body explaining why her other features can't be seen], and is absolutely massive in size - her finger measures something like several miles from one fingertip to the knuckle where it meets her hand. I also came up with something about her 'children', the first lampheads, being born from sand, which tied in somehow to the sun figure's body being made of glass. I also remember that in the mythology, the stars are actually the lights of dead / unborn lampheads looking down from the skies with their mother, and that shooting stars are them descending to be born, or if they're dead, to visit the living.

that's all I can remember. guess that's what happens when you don't write any of it down.
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