The Ride of the Wild Hunt Picture

Autumn scented the forest with fallen leaves and drying moss. The path was well-worn, but not by the Wild Hunt, for their horses' hooves did not bite into the ground nor did they cast a shadow upon the earth.
"Brother, perhaps a maiden shall cross our path this day! I wonder who shall be victorious in shall be me, I suspect."
"No, I think not. It shall be I, for I alone command the Wild Hunt. And as to our purpose in this place, Samhain shall be upon us soon, and we need make preparations for it."

The Wild Hunt appear in Celtic and Germanic/Norse mythology and I find them fascinating. They are Faery men, hunters. There's actually more than 3, and they're much more fiercesome than what I've portrayed here, but I figured they wouldn't ALWAYS be hunting (in theory they do so only on Halloween). Maybe sometimes they like to wander a dappled forest in autumn, admiring.
Did this in Flash, but did add a tiny bit of glowy-effect in Photoshop. I wanted to make each one distinct, but still similar, hence the different-but-funky curly stylings.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! And please do full-view!
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