Bai Ze for Komodoro Picture

Starting to upload some of my adoptable goings on from FA to try and get some takers here on dA. I was hesitant to bring 'em here cuz so many people will utterly revolt at the mention of furs/anthros, but then I figured if you're gonna rage quit me over yak-monster-people you got bigger issues :/

I'm so glad Komodoro bought this one because it was one of my favorites to make into a character. She is a Bai-ze or Bai ze (I dunno) It's a yak mountain beast that I found while looking for mythological things to make. These adoptables say "Japanese myth" but they do overlap with Chinese beasts too here and there. Apparently, they're guardian spirits of herbal medicine? [link] Anyways, For whatever reason, I really like how the multiple eyes look on these. I will probably make a bai ze for myself eventually :3

I had a hard time placing that rosy color on her tummy for a while, so I hope it looks allright.
Character belongs to komodoro and I give them full right to alter and change the character as they please.

There's a whole bunch left if you're interested in a myth-adopt :3
Set One
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