The Last Unicorn Picture

I did the lineart for this sometime last semester as a part of an assignment for my art class, which was to go to one of the local art galleries and do a sketch of one of the pieces that caught our eye. The first thing I saw was this sculpture in the corner that was of a unicorn looking at a horn on the ground, and there were the heads of other unicorns mounted on the wall near it. It was just so beautiful and sad that I couldn’t help but pick it. Really, this looks almost nothing like the original piece which was very empty and white, but I was heavily inspired by it, so I figured it would be a good idea to give credit where credit is due, right?

ANYWAYS. I would also just like to note that this picture turned out almost EXACTLY how I was picturing it in my head – which is rare – so I am very happy about that. Also, I draw mythologically correct unicorns, so if anyone is kind of weird on the design, that’s why. Traditional unicorns are more deer/gazelle-like, and have lion-ish tails, goat hooves ( even though it’s kinda hard to seem them in this ), and little goat beards. They’re more than just pretty white horses with horns.

Closeup can be found here --> [link]

Original concept for this drawing (c) Teja Ream
Everything else (c) ME!
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