Valkryie - Updated FINAL Picture

Thanks for your re-viewing, folks...I thought I'd finished this one, but recieved a creative crit from cap'n flynn...

So, I amended it to reflect her suggestion. Many thanks again!

lineart by
colors by me.

I know I've posted a few WIPs of this, in scraps and elsewhere....mostly for preservation's sake, I think, because it has taken me a while to do this, and I wanted to gauge response as to continuing/finishing this....(I mean, it was always a given that I was going to finish it, but as to the direction I was going to go...well..let me continue--

A bit about the selective process:
The first thing I noticed about this lineart is - flame. Now, I'm comfortable with flame. I may never paint flames the same way twice, but I'm comfortable with the coloring process and the whole glow/light effect. So, I went off with the heavy reds and oranges, progressing up to the demons, which I started to color like a Hellboy clone....

Though, coming to the crucial foreground, I naturally ran into character difficulties, because the Valkryie is obviously the focus here (and why shouldn't she be?)...and the mythological story-wheels in my head started to spin, and once that started, the whole color scheme went 180. Instead of the warm spectrum, I reversed to a cooler one, opting for a Cocytus-like environment, and even though I couldn't quite imagine the Demon being one of the Jotun of
Norse mythology, I figured a "Frost-Demon" was close enough for artistic licensure...

The warmness of the oranges still exist on her armor, though here's my take on that, too - In Norse mythology, a popular interpretation of the Aurora Borealis is the glints of Valkyrie armorment. As modern science tells us that the Northern lights are generated by solar particles entering the atmosphere, and our sun is a red giant....ipso facto...

Actually, I just liked the way it looks.
I hope you do, too. Thanks for checking it out.
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