Demeter Picture

For my AP Studio Art summer homework. Yaaay, I finally got a piece done! Only three more to go!

-shoots self-

Yeah. So. My sister got this awesome book (actually, I got her the awesome book, but whatever) of this artist whose name I unfortunately can't remember, but he's really good and that's how I got all inspired-ified to do the thick lines on the outside. But he does it a lot better, dur.

But yeah. This is supposed to be a sort of modernized version of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and plants and crap. I don't know how I know these things, but I'm a geek, so whatever. I'm thinking my concentration for this coming up year might be doing this - modern-ish versions of Greek mythological figures. Cause they rock. I tried to make her dress kind of a mix of a modern style and sort of Victorian - hence the small waist, corset!boobs, and flowery ness.

I need to draw more dudes. Hm. I've already got Athena figured out, but maybe I'll do Hermes after her.

Adobe Photoshop
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