That Fat Fiend, Voluptuous Valvalis Picture

A commission of the lovely Final Fantasy wind-fiend Valvalis! But a biiiit fatter.

...or, alright, so her name from the original Japanese version is supposed to be Barbariccia, or something along those lines, and that's what she's called now everywhere, but I grew up with the FF2 translation, so Valvalis is what I think of her as. Also, Valvalis is a good, windy-sounding name (the val spins back around! like the cow from Twister!), while Barbariccia just doesn't SOUND right to me. Also, while it's a reference to the Divine Comedy, the name Barbariccia itself means 'curly beard'.

Making it not the MOST irrelevant case of naming a Final Fantasy character after some arbitrary mythological or literary figure...but it is part of that fine tradition.

But Valvalis? Now there is a name to rock you like a hurricane.
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