Cubed Picture

I vomited on the Internet and it looked like comics.

1. From two things: first, the fact that Dr. Selvig refers to the Cube as 'she' right from the start, even before the mind control, and it is weirdly cute, and makes me happy since I have always said that the only ship worth shipping is Dr.S/Science. Secondly, the fact that Dr.S and Hawkeye do not get on- witness the Dr's. rather snide reference to the Hawk being in his nest... it must be very trying having a trained assassin crawling around on your ceiling when you are trying to science, but I guess it must be equally trying to have an astrophysicist talking to a Cube beneath you when you are trying to be all hawkish and watchful.
So you see boys, you should settle your differences and learn to get along.
Alternatively, you can just snipe at one another (literally or figuratively) and I'll make stupid comics about it.

2. Loki's attitude to technology being about as advanced as mine. He thinks you reboot computers by kicking them again. *rimshot*

4. Loki attempting to look impressive despite being a jumped up stick figure in a suit.

5. Vague mythological reference- it is both vague and mythological

6. Dr.S/Science. It is the only way. Join us. Join usssss.

7. If you hold the Cube upside down, she goes to sleep, just like rabbits.
No she doesn't, that's a lie.

8. He doesn't call her Tessie. He calls her Tess. Please.

I do have this theory that the Cube is going to come back in later films, and they'll have to get Dr. S back to work with it, because she won't work for anyone else.
I also have this theory about robot unicorns, but, you know. Not enough time in all the world

And that is quite enough of that.

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