London Picture

Well she has a name finally, London~
Thanks for all the awesome suggestions guys :3 I decided to move her away from the mythology theme of my other dolls in the end since I'd never be shooting her with them anyway and the scale issue would only annoy me, so she's getting her own story.

Blaaaaargh boring shot, I was going to take her outside for a real shoot but it's too windy out. Anyways, I kinda love her as a redhead, I've had this wig kicking around since I had my Bambicrony so figured I'd try it on her, she's going to change hair colour pretty often anyway so why not ;3 I still need to decide what colour to go with for her eyes though~

Doll: London is a 43cm Narae
Face up by: *jaded-august
Doll FAQ: [link]

All photography © Lucy Newman.
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