Red Figure Mama Picture

I guess this is technically fan art, even though Mama Greece doesn't have a design yet. ^^

I drew this a couple weeks ago but just remembered it existed and finished it up. XD

Bughugheug I love classical art. When I was younger I really only looked at ancient Egyptian art but now I'm starting to expand my horizons a little, I guess. XD Those Sumerians! I love how they render eyes. >3< It's so weird.

This is partially to celebrate the possibility of me taking an introductory art history course as well as a Greek Art and Archaeology course next year. I'm already excited. Along with Japanese and Canadian history, it's gonna be an interesting year. X3

I was so pissed because I didn't get enough notice that my Classical Mythology class was canceled today, I was partially upset that I could have slept in longer since I knew my Japanese class was canceled as well, a little upset that I have to go up six floors of the dentistry/pharmacy building to get there, but I was REALLY upset because it's the class I look forward to the most every week. >3< That's how classes should be.
The only class that hasn't been canceled so far this term is Religion, which is weird since we never get anything done in that class anyway except talk about how we should make a vampire pope and that Darth Vader is an avatar of Vishnu.

ANYWAY this is also to celebrate the fact that I was so nerdy the other day I decided to make myself a chiton out of an old pink bedsheet, and IT WORKED. I spent HOURS adjusting it. XD The problem is I need to find something I can wear under it without looking like a Roman. XD
I'mma cosplay Mama Greece this year it's gonna be sweet I already have a Rome to harass me. >3< But it's cool I'll just say 'Aren't kings and emperors the same thing?" and watch him explode.
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