MOTC: Sol Picture

and Last
Mother of Time
The Eternal Dragon
Unending light
Bleed for our sins

Sol, the major diety of the dinosaurs, doesn't actually appear in the novel in a concrete sense, but her presence is heavily felt throughout. Plus, I wanted to draw her in order to draw all the other kinds of dinosaurs I wouldn't get to draw because it's set in the Early Cretaceous (namely T-Rex, Euplocephalus, and Stegasaurus.) I figure if ever there's a god of dragons, a dinosaur deity would be it, since they'd supersede draconic mythology by FOREVER. A lot of the religion in the novel is also inspired heavily by Aztec mythology, so I wanted to show equal parts dinosaur, dragon, and feathered serpent in her design.

She also gives me the chance to introduce some of the musical influence from Mark of the Conifer's soundtrack. Sol's Theme is Serenata Immortale by Immediate Music: [link] , a track that captures both her majesty as a diety, but also the terrible burden she demands of her followers. Over half of the soundtrack for MOTC is purely instrumental, which has been an interesting journey. I swiftly realized that while mainstream stuff can often be applied to urban fantasy and even steampunk, the same is not true for dinosaurs or anthropomorphic fantasy. Going back to mainstream radio after a solid three weeks of ochestration was an unbearably shrill experience. I hope to do some pictures in the near future inspired by the soundtrack.

Man, did critique ever save this one from the crap heap. Remember, kids, you have to actually incorporate critique in order for it to work! Bah! Thank god for secondary light sources!
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