Tiger and Dragon Picture

In Chinese tradition, the tiger and the dragon represent the conflict aspect of yin and yang: one is earthbound, one belongs to the heavens, and each are each other's worst enemy.

Jet as Tiger: He's got his tiger-hook swords for one
White: Representing death as well as purity (here, in the sense of obsession, where no other things cloud his determination to defeat the Fire Nation)

Zuko as Dragon: The dragon is associated with royalty (the emperor) - Zuko is determined to regain his throne. I gave Zuko's dragon three claws instead of five, signifying he is incomplete/weak, for obvious reasons.

Black: Associated with Heaven as well as water (his oppositional elements, as he is currently in spiritual conflict)

I think I'll do a "fight" version of this, as soon as I can figure out how to draw Zuko in action in a dress.

Mythology Series:

Iroh: Harmony

Aang: Purity
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