Rauru Picture

Finally i was able to resume my Zelda fan art series. In fact the Rauru piece was already finished by some time. But the delay was worth it, since i wanted to post it at the same time as the print sale post . I’m finally organizing some time to do it, and i think now is the time. Check the print section on the blog to buy your Zelda portrait!! blog.dudutorres.com.br/?page_i…

Always liked Rauru. The fact that he held most of the knowledge the gamer aqcuire throughout the game, made him a warming and familiar guiding figure. The mythological ancient sage. Every Zelda game has a character like this in a sense, there’s always a old wise bearded man handing the sword to venture out in the woods, or important words to light the path. In the form of an owl or, by telepathicall chat, we wouldn’t reach too far without these guys help. I may do a Kaepora Gaebora fan art some day, with an upside down head. Should be fun. Thank you Rauru, for helping me on my journey.

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