Epimeliades Picture

My entry for the Alphabeastiary contest for "E", an Epimeliad. From Greek mythology, they are nature spirits associated with Apple trees and sheep.

I tried to really push myself to do human figures this time out, so I added the notion of the spirit being simultaneously young, adult and elderly. I had much more ambitious plans of tying the weather to the figures, so it would be spring where the little girl was, summer around the adult woman and winter near the old woman. Ultimately that proved to be too challenging, so I opted for winter.

I'm not honestly 100% thrilled with this piece, but it was definitely a good exercise, and I'm glad I didn't abandon it at any of the points where it seemed to be falling apart.

...and before anyone points it out, I know perfectly well that you wouldn't find bright red apples under an apple tree in winter, but I couldn't resist taking some artistic license.
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