Abraxas Scorcher Picture


I figured out a Series of Illustrations, all about 'Abraxas', inspired by Fantasy Card Games. Somehow these are my Spell-Cards.
This Illustration is the first one. Seeing not the one spelling but the one influenced by the Spell. While Magic protects her the enemy Spell already is burning the Leaves. This Illustration has been inspired by the gorgeous Artworks of Linda Bergkvist.

Song for this 'Subway To Sally - Hexe'.

Nice to know:

Abraxas means Spell, spoken magic Words. Though it derives from a certain Expression, some old Mythology. As far as I know, it once was spelled 'Abrasax'. A Spell summoning a Being called 'Abrasax'.


After picking many References I created some rough Drawings, which I used to illustrate this within Photoshop.
My usual Technic is similar to Airbrush. Masking the single Elements (so I don't need to take that much Care of the Borders later on). Custom Texture Brushes increase the Credibility. The original Size would fit on a Poster.

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