Of War and Bloodshed Picture

I've wanted to draw this idea for years, but until now, I didn't feel I was skilled enough. It's still not exactly how I wanted it, but it's pretty close C:


In Celtic mythology, birds usually represent prophetic knowledge or bloodshed (especially crows).
Crows, and their raven cousins, have always held a spot in mythology as the symbols of occult knowledge and power, wisdom, and, above all, war. Associated with the Otherworld, war, and death, perhaps from their macabre attendance on the battlefield, corvids have accompanied such mythological figures as the Norse God Odin, the Greek god Apollo, and the Celtic Goddess Morrigan. Perhaps because of their connection with war and death, crows have generally been seen as symbols of ill fortune.

The symbol just above the beak is the symbol of Chaos.


Painted today, took me 4 hours I think.
I'm gonna use this painting in a new journal skin
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