Icarus Picture

Icarus, a.k.a. the "P(e)acemaker."
Yes, I know. A bit of a tongue-in-cheek joke from a science geek...

Icarus started as a sketch at work, then developed into a full-blown, giant project. It embodies not only my love of steampunk, but also my take on science, technological progress, mythology and human hubris (yes, mine included). Icarus is a Greco-Roman mythology figure who, depending on how you interpret his short and tragic story, tells us a lot about ourselves. Icarus was the son of master craftsman Daedalus. While being imprisoned in Crete, father and son attempted to escape by flying out with wings made of feather and wax. Icarus, heedless of his father's warning, flew too high and too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt and had fallen into the sea to his death. In a way, we see in Icarus our hopes and dreams of conquering the sky and expanding out horizons; but we also see a glaring warning that if we do not measure our abilities against the odds, we are doomed to fail.

The same with this Icarus, whose insect-like wings hint at our own fragility when faced with the merciless march of technological progress. While we attempt to fly higher, run faster, produce more and live longer with the aid of our machines, have we overreached our limits? And what awaits us at the bottom when our dreams and aspirations have failed us in the face of a greater force?

Take me, for example: I had over a month to conceptualise, start and finish this project. I thought I could do it with time to spare. Well, considering that we are but hours away from the deadline, you can tell where my best-laid plans have dissipated to. I do get to blame my "greater force", however. I've got a very demanding day-job that won't take "no" for an answer...And reality sinks in. A guy's gotta put food on the table!

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