Ananke Picture

She's mine~ One of my rp characters.

So~! Her name is Ananke (Ἀνάγκη)
"In Greek Mythology Ananke is a personification of compelling necessity or ultimate fate to which even the gods must yield."

Her fate was chosen for her before birth, and it was her duty and purpose to be a murderer. It was hoped that she would have been born a male, to be a powerful and unrivaledwarrior-- but her two older brothers were failures. They were weak and spineless. Ananke was different. She was fearless and cruel, and chose no path other than the pre-determined, strict life given to her by her mother and father. They promised her power and luxuries if she fulfilled her destiny. They were a small pack, later joining a larger pack in hopes of taking it over. The family was low ranked, but Ananke prospered into higher power when she was of age. She eventually killed the alphas and was ordered by her parents to hand over the ranks to them; they told her it was decided that she would need to obey this final command in order to serve her purpose-- and she did, believing what they said was absolute.

Her purpose was fulfilled. She was later treated poorly and outcast from the rest of her pack for treason against the previous leaders. Months passed with increasing harshness of her unjust parents. They sought to demoralize and weaken her, for fear of her turning against them. Eventually, when Ananke learned of their motives, she killed them and abandoned the pack. Since then, she's been wandering in solitude, without purpose and yet searching for one.

Ananke is found to be one of those cold, introverted, reserved wolves that no one really trusts. The kind of badass that works under a 'higher power' for benefits and not loyalty. The culprit behind the mystery murder. The shadowy figure behind the scenes... Though when she's not out assassinating her own kind, she likes to observe those around her and hunt small game.
Her themesong (With Closed Eyes by Shannon Wright):
"Your eyes
Tarnished gold
So crystallized
And wise"

Art (c) *TheShadowedGrim
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