Savage queen Picture

I guess I started out with this one in November, but have had long breaks inbetween fairly short painting sessions. I needed to wrap it up before I became too bugged by it, and although it's not exactly what I originally imagined, it's good to finally let it go.

No real story behind the the character, but I imagine that she's some sort of shaman/chief/queen of a primitive tribe. Her scepter symbolizes the axis that connects heaven and earth, to which she has a magic connection. This connection is further accentuated by her eagle helmet, serpent leggings and chestplates in the shape of leaves that symbolizes fertility and growth. The scepter is crowned by a dragon figure, which is a reference to her tribe's mythology. The skulls in her throne are supposed to be those of the tribe's mythological founders, not her previous dinner guests. The chains in the background are simply the work of an interior designer who found his payment in the fires of that lamp there Hope you enjoy!
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