Her Tamer Picture

She stood at the tip of the rock that jutted out over the iridescent water. Slowly, she allowed her fur cloak that, up until this point, always seemed to be a permanent extension of herself, fall around her feet. She smirked, canines revealing hungrily.

Though he knew the appropriate thing was to look away as she seemed to shed layer after layer, but her exhibitionist attitude and complete confidence only ushered stronger enthusiasm from his gaze.

"Being, are you scared?" Her voice was hauntingly smooth.

He chuckled, "No. But ever so enticed."


-huff- This picture has been really brutal on me and I'm still not completely happy with it but whatever. For now, this is okay.

This is Rhett and Ylva, one of the original Gods/Goddesses from that ever so long ago created comic book story that I'm not going to really bother addressing by name anymore since I still haven't figured out what I want to call it. Again, I've been wanting to start doing illustrations from the mythology of the story and holy shit, this seriously slaughtered me. I had to stop working on it for extended periods of time because it would just get so overwhelming. I have a pretty not great eye for design so to a degree, I'm pretty proud of my ability to even having cleaned the two of them up in a way that I was hoping to have it be done.

This is how the two of them meet for the first time. Rhett having been one of the two casualties on the field (though the only one of the two not killed). But to be honest, it was their fault. You shouldn't hunt over your quota is all I've got to say.

Edit: UUUHHMMM... So in my half awoken stupor, I logged into my dA Account and felt confused as to why the hell I had so many favorites on this and so many comments being received all over the place and realized that I got a DD! Wasn't looking for this at all so this is quite the pleasant surprise! Thanks kindly and much love. Now I feel the pressure to start uploading more completed artwork, aahhhhhh.
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