Kelpie head study Picture

Well, some of you may recall that I was going on about drawing kelpies at some point a while back.

I did this quick little study of this handsome fellow while on my lunch break, actually. It's only half this size, but I figured I could get away with posting it larger...

My reason behind the rotting face, or at least how it goes with the rest of the kelpie's body: I just had an image several months ago of someone approaching said kelpie from behind as it stood in the middle of a lake. At such an angle, the person would only see what appeared to be a perfectly normal dappled grey pony with bulrushes and reeds tangled in its mane. As the person boldly swims out to meet it, and clambers onto its back, the supposedly innocent beast swivels its head to look back at the person, and they see THIS. I know that this is not a true representation of the mythology, but as some of you know, I like to put my own spin on things.

That, and I really like doodling half dead, rotting, or deformed things.
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