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About Thor
In Norse Mythology, Thor was the son of Odin (the chief god) & Fjorgyn (Earth). He was known to be temperamental like the storm & the strongest among all the gods in Asgard.

Thor owned a magical hammer, Mjolnir. Mjolnir could hit any target, afterwhich, it returned to Thor’s right hand all by itself. His brother, Loki caused a disturbance at the dwarves' dwellling as they forged the hammer, which is why it had a short handle.

Thor wore a pair of iron gauntlets, which allowed him to wield Mjolnir. He also wore a magical belt, which doubled his strength!

About this Drawing
I modified all of Thor's costume & accessories, except his magic belt (not limiting myself to how he was known in Norse mythology - thank you, creative license!):

Mjolnir has an ornate design with a long handle - Come on! It's the dwarves who forged the hammer. Since they were such brilliant craftsmen (i.e. Brisingamen) , I figured they'd come up with an elaborated design rather than a utilitarian one.

Instead of a pair of gauntlets, I gave Thor an iron armband;

Thor wears a dragon-hide cloak - In some Norse tales, his cloak was spun from Sif's (his wife) golden hair.

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This illustration was traditionally drawn in pen & ink. Then, it was scanned & digitally superimposed on paper texture (created & made available as stock by Ofruin Stock @ [link]).
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