Bugs in the Pharaohs Tomb Picture

Hi everybody!!! Heres a totally new line, another egyptian one (i love egyptian mythology if you hadnt noticed yet)

???- SACRAR (sacred-scarab)
-Sacred Pokemon
-SACRAR can evolve into 4 diferent pokemons, depending a certain item:

--With the Breathing Stone--

???-FALCOP (Falcon-Canopic)
-Funerary Pokemon
-FALCOP evolves into HOROTH at lv. 20

???-HOROTH (Horus-Moth)
-Celestial Pokemon

--With the Absorbing Stone--

???-CANUP (Anubis-Canopic)
-Funerary Pokemon
-CANUP evolves into ANUNTIS at lv. 20

???-ANUNTIS (Anubis-Mantis)
-Funeral Pokemon

--With the Eating Stone--

???-CROCOP (Crocodile-Canopic)
-Funerary Pokemon
-CROCOP evolves into ISOBEK at lv. 20

???-ISOBEK (Isopod-Sobek)
-Nile Pokemon

--With the Detoxing Stone--

???-CASNASP (Asp-Canopic)
-Funerary Pokemon
-CANASP Evolves into WADEJEDE at lv. 20

???-WADEJEDE (Centepede-Wadjet)
-Cobra Pokemon


As this is too long, I'm not adding a description yet XD

the whole line is based in some egyptian figure I saw the other day in a egyptian store in a near mall

SACRAR is based in a little scarab beetle and a necklacke

CANUP, CANASP, CROCOP and FALCOP are based in Canopic Jars mixed with cocoons. I know there was a man and a monkey insted of the snake and crocodile, but I like the second more, so suit me.

ANUNTIS, WADEJEDE, ISOBEK and HOROTH are based in Anubis, Wadjet, Sobel and Horus, the egypcian gods, Some cool black and golden statues I saw, and all this mixed with various bugs (mantis, centepede, isopod and moth if you didnt figured it out)

The Stones mentioned there are shaped like the organs the egyptians used to store in the cnopic jars during momification.

All of this fellas may be related to my legendary pokemon RANIMA, maybe as servants or something like that

Well, I have to go, hope you like it
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