Mythology Stew Banner Picture

A typographer, I am not. I mean, I saw that documentary about Helvetica once, but that was about it. (Everyone has seen that damn documentary. I really don't know much more about typography after seeing it than I did before seeing it.) It really didn't make me like Helvetica. I can get behind Baskerville and Lucida Sans, but Helvetica is just kinda boring.

When I can be bothered to care about fonts, I mean.

I used Blackmoore LET as a base for this, mostly to help figure out sizing and spacing. And the 'M's are very similar. I don't think I'll ever do typography or take it seriously because 'e's are surprisingly hard to do. I redid that 'e' three times and I'm still not sure about it.

But I am pleased with how it came out overall, which is why I wanted to share.

Anyway, this is something I did when I should have been packing/cleaning (weep. Moving on Sunday morning). I've wanted to make a webcomic for a long time, but I wanted it to be something that I could be flexible with and not take that seriously. Something I knew a lot about and I could draw lots of ideas from. But I didn't want to make another comic about cats. And I love cats. But there are a lot of autobiographical comics that involve cats and things they do already.

So I'm going to make a webcomic that pokes fun at/abridges mythologies. With some more of the 'Gospel According to St. Bastard' things, too, because Christianity falls under the mythology umbrella and is, therefore, fair game.

I also want to do fancy pants web design things, so this is the banner I made for the comic I haven't made yet.

So, that's that.
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