The Morrigan Picture

The Morrígan, the phantom queen: a figure (Sometimes a goddess, sometimes a triple-goddess, and sometimes only a harbinger of doom) from Irish mythology, intimately associated with death in battle.


I've been meaning to draw a picture of Morrígan for a while. I hoped to achieve a look that appeared to be part-Banshee, part-Virgin Mary and part-Ringu girl. I was hoping that the tears rolling down her cheek, the bloodied helmet she's cradling in her arms, etc, would serve to make her much more of a sympathetic figure than your average death goddess.

Photoshop CS. Based on a pencil drawing.
As always, textures courtesy of CG Textures.

PS: One of my cats is named Morrígan. A black one: surprise, surprise. ;D

August 20: Uploaded a slightly modified version - the biggest change being that I replaced the grass texture: simply because the old one always looked particularly too lawny to me.
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