Solaris Picture

I think it's okay to post this...

This took me some months in between work to finish this and lots of details were left behind since I wanted to submit this to a contest so I'd to rush it. A bit different from my usual but I really enjoyed doing it. I'll let you know the results of the contest once I get it, good or bad. Crossing my fingers here!

Its origin is directly related with the fact I listen too much Celldweller (the title is a homage as you see). In short, I'd describe this as the assemble of a Goddess (based on the Greek mythological figures) in a semi-surreal way/environment.

I've also to mention its drawing process was probably the most painful I ever came across since it suffered some real major changes since day one (some of the WIPs are posted in my sketch blog [link] but eventually I'll post more). Got close enough from what I'd in my head and it was a cool achievement (:

Wow my gallery wasn't updated with something fully original for a while, wasn't it? Hope you like!


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