The Birth of Athena Picture

This is the first strip of my latest project. 8D
After watching a couple different butchers of Greek Mythology I decided someone needed to make a "modern" version that ACTUALLY follows the myths.

So, I don't know what I'm calling it yet, but I'm starting a comic strip about "teenage" Gods/Goddesses from Greek Mythology going through and reflecting on their stories in a modern day society. It will mostly star Zeus, but will also deal with his interactions with other figures from mythology (generally Poseidon, shown above, and Hades), but they'll all be mentioned more than actually featured, do to the lack of space on the strips.

It's supposed to be funny, if that wasn't made clear, and its primary focus is on what they're saying, which is why the backgrounds will always be simple or nonexistent.

This first page is about the birth of the Goddess Athena (if that wasn't obvious by the deviation title LOL). Which, to summarize for those who aren't familiar with it:

Zeus sleeps with a Titan, Metis, but then finds out about a prophecy that states Metis will give birth to someone stronger than her father. So, Zeus eats her (yes, literally swallows her), but it turns out Metis was already pregnant. Later, after Metis apparently gives birth inside of him, Zeus starts experiencing horrible headaches, so orders Hephaestus (or a different God, in other versions) to break his head open with an axe. A full-grown Athena, armored and carrying weapons, bursts out.

...although, I don't know why Zeus even thought smashing his head open with an axe would cure his headache by any means. Or was smart, at all.

BUT ANYWAY. I'm going to post these up on dA for now, to gauge viewer reactions, and if they seem to do well, I might just put them on their own server. c: We'll see! -crosses fingers for positive feedback-

And yes, I already also have a few more strips planned out (along with other character designs).
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