Elemental Water Picture

This is one sixth of a project I need to do for my grade 12 art class. The idea is pretty much draw whatever you want, but have a theme. My theme of course is "The Elements"
Instead of trying an anime approach to things, I'm trying to make my characters look realistic instead. I'm trying to make the person represent the element as much as possible and have them interacting with a fictional or mythological creature of that element. I hope it's working O_O

The fifth element: Water. Probably the most blue I've ever used in one picture. Originally, I wanted to draw Hydra for the creature, but after looking at a few picture... baad idea. I probably would have been driven insane, so I just stuck with a normal sea serpent instead. I never realized how hard drawing dragon type creatures were until now X_X
I tried to make the background look foggy, but I figured out that's one thing I can't do XD

Fire - [link]
Earth - [link]
Air - [link]
Dark - [link]
And one more O_O
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