RotG OC: Persephone Picture


Sorry that I didn't draw her, school and writing is sort of getting in the way of my drawing. But, this kind of worked out since this is basically what I want her to look like, even though I'm still undecided with her clothes. Anyway, this Persephone, yes I do kind of mean the Persephone from Greek Mythology, you know, Demeter's daughter. Only I'm only using her Greek background for some stuff, the rest will be from my little noggin. Well here's the stuff about her:

-she was born way before she knew she was
-she helps Bunnymund bring spring to the Earth since Jack has lately been prolonging his winter weather
-she doesn't get along with Jack that well
-every where she walks, stuff grows
-she's a fairy and gets along with Toothy very well, as well as Bunnymund
-she sees Bunnymund as a father figure since she's been alone for as long as she can remember and he took her in when they first met
-has no memory of her past or when she was reborn

I hope y'all in the fandom approve of her and I promise to have a sketch of her as soon as I can. If you don't approve, then just kick me out of the fandom, I'll understand.


Persephone (c) Me/Greek Mythology
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