Ninetails II Picture

Edit: I find it funny when people add this to collections of ' Pokemon' hehe ;

If you're curious, this was not meant to be the Pokemon Ninetails, it is just what I usually call Kitsune;; but Pokemon Ninetails is based off Kitsune so there is no issue.
Oh and also entered into =deathofrats' Mythological/Fantasy figure contest


More experimenting with fur and fire, second time around!
For the fur I used *kesame's fur shading tutorial to help me get started.
What I've done is a bit too ...gritty / sharp? for my liking, but I'll figure something out sometime.
It was really fun.

4 hours
Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0
Wacom Graphire 4x5 tablet
005 sakura micron pen

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