Hidden Gem Picture

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OMF! It's an anthro! I don't draw these very often, mostly because I have no idea which direction to take them. But I think I figured out my theme when I draw anthros, I think they're mainly gonna be Celtic themed since Celtic mythology and art really interests me.

I apologize for the quality. This was done on 16"x21" watercolor paper and my scanner is small so I had to take a picture with my camera and tweak it on Photoshop. No references were used. I used a blend between Prismacolored pencils and gouache. Maybe I'll upload a closer viewed camera shot so everyone can see the details in the drawing.

Basically, the concept behind this picture is that she's in some old building, and has been there for a while hence the roots forming out of her legs. Behind her is a window and although it looks like a sunset it could easily be colors of something else going on out there, but I'll let you determine that.

Artwork (c) Wolven-Sister 2014
Please do not steal.

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